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Friday, 19 December 2008 18:51

Cheile Nerei–Beusnita (Nera Gorges) National Park
Setting and  limits
The natural protected area was established by law 5 / 2000 and defined  by Governmental decision number 230/2003. According to Law 462/200 is classified in the category of National Parks, and according to the IUCN classification  belongs to  category II .
The main purpose the park was established for,is the conservation of biodiversity,  flora and fauna,  landscape, local traditions and also for  promoting tourism, as well as for the  environmental education and the public awareness.
Cheile Nerei(Nera gorges) –Beusnita  National Park  enjoys an extraordinary wealth of flora, a land of diversity and uniqueness , and a wild side maintained  due to difficult access in the  area.
Cheile Nerei –Beusnita  National Park  is situated at the  south-west limit  of the country, in the south of the Anina Mountains , in  Caras – Severin county. It  includes a karst area on the middle course  of Nera river, which constitutes the backbone  of the park.
Cheile Nerei - Beuşniţa National Park has a total area of 36,758 hectares.
The  mixed Cheile Nerei -Beuşniţa Reservation is situated  in the southern half of the Anina Mountains  and on the last extension of the Northern of Gorganu calcareous  peak  , separating actually the Anina Mountains from the Locvei  Mountains  between the   localities: Sasca Montana, Sasca Romana, Potoc, Socolari, Ilidia, Ciclova, Oraviţa, Anina, Bozovici, Lăpuşnicu Mare,  Dalboşeţ, Şopotu Nou and Cărbunari.

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