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        Cheile Nerei (Nera Gorges) – Beusnita National Park was formed  in 1943 by  the Official Council of Ministers no. 965 and then by H.C.M.  518/1954 was declared Beusnita National Park. In 1973 by the Caras –Severin County Council Decision no 556 ,the  reservation area was extended over Cheile Nerei  and Valea Rea. By the order no 7 from  27 January 1990 of  the Department of Silviculture ,it has been  constituted Semenic National Park – Cheie Nerei – Beusnita which comprises,mainly,the plateau of Semenic Mountains ,Cheile Carasului(Caras Gorges),Anina Mountains Plateau, Liciovacea Plateau,Cheile Nerei - Beusnita,Valea Mare-Ilidia. In this complex, that has proposed to protect the natural ecosystems of a beauty and special scientific interest, Cheile Nerei- Beusnita Natural Reservation with a total area of 3081.3 ha, is also a component part.
        Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park was created in order to preserve unique natural beauties, consisting of a wide variety of woody and grassy mezoxerofil plants specific to the submediterranean climate ,that has  to be protected and preserved as they are. This protection can be done only through a concentrated action of the legislative and administrative body.
        Today,Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park is one of the ten national parks in the country,presenting unique elements (Cheile Nerei  - the longest gorges in Romania,Lacul Dracului(The Lake of the Devil), old forests, etc..) habitats and species of community interest for whom  Cheile  Nerei-Beusnita National Park was declared characteristic landscape given by the alternation of the   mountain heights with  the Nera river’s corridor and karst landscape.

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