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Programe turistice

VISITING  Cheile Nerei - Beusnita Park

Day 1:
8.00 Departure from Resita
12.00 Arriving  at Sasca Romana and accommodation at Cheile Nerei pension***
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Riding horses
19.00 Dinner

Day 2
8.00-9.00 Breakfast
9.00 Trip to  Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park
13.30 Picnic
17.00 Arriving  at the pension
19.00 Dinner
19.30 Recreation chalet Games

Day 3
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Paintball match
13.30 Lunch
17.30 Arriving at the pension
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Camp Fire

Day 4
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Visiting Casa Verde(The Green House) and pottery lesson
13.30 Lunch
14.30 - 16.00 Free program
16.00 Departure to Resita
20.00 Arrival in Resita 


1.Timişoara - Resita - Crivaia - Sasca Romana - Bazias - Baile Herculane - Timişoara 
2. Resita - Crivaia - Sasca Romana - Bazias – Baile  Herculane - Resita - Timişoara


             DAY 1: Arriving at Crivaia where there will be accommodation  for a period of 2 days. Dinner. 
             DAY 2: After breakfast,a trip to Semenic-Cheile Carasului National Park. Located in the central part of Caras-Severin county,it  occupies an area of 36,364.8 ha including 10 declared reservations and 8 proposed reserves . In the park we find there hydro karst complex systems, wildlife areas, quasivirgin species of flora and fauna under protection regime, well developed geomorphological phenomena . Picnic in nature and return to the hotel. Dinner. 
             DAY 3: Breakfast. We are heading towards Anina,from where we take the train to Oravita , traveling on the first mountain railway from our country. Lunch. Visit to the Old Theater, the first theatre in the country, built in Viennese style in 1817, the Museum of Pharmacy from  the eighteenth century. Accommodation in Oravita area for 2 nights. In the evening traditional dinner and folklore program. 
             DAY 4: Breakfast.  Visiting Cheile  Nerei  - Beusnita National Park, a place with an extraordinary floristic richness, a landscape of special diversity and  uniqueness ,a wildness that is due to limited access in the area. You can visit karstic lakes: Ochiul Bei and Lacul Dracului , gorges carved into cliff by the Nera River, waterfalls: Beusnita, Bigăr and Susara, caves and avens. Picnic on the green grass. Return to the pension, free program. Dinner. 
             DAY 5: Breakfast. Visits to Balta Nera(Nera Pond)-The Danube, part of the Iron Gates Natural Park and from Moldova Noua leaving for Orşova. On the route you can admire the Cazane area  and Dacian-Roman vestiges. Accommodation in Baile Herculane resort. Dinner. 
             DAY 6: Breakfast followed by visiting  Domogled –Valea Cernei(Cerna Valley )National Park. In  this park,we find the biggest spreading area of the Black Pine in Banat (Pinus nigra ssp.banatica),endemic species,  famous for its resistance and adaptation to unfavorable conditions,which means that it develops on steep denuded (without soil )cliffs. Lunch. Visiting  the historical center of Baile Herculane resort. Dinner at Hercules brewery. 
             DAY 7: Breakfast. Visiting the Mulinology centre from Eftimie Murgu,the karst spring and Bigăr waterfall from Paralela 45.In the afternoon ,arrival in Resita.

             Day 1:Departure at 9,00 a.m from  Resita, Gara de Sud (Southern Railway Station), and then Anina. Stop in Carasova for a panoramic view of the village and for entering  Cheile Carasului(Caras Gorges). In Anina you can visit various tourist attractions. You leave to Oravita by  train on the first mountain railway in Romania. On the route you can admire the wonderful landscapes of Anina Mountains and numerous works of art carved into hard rock : 14 viaducts, 10 tunnels and bridges at 60 m above the precipices. Accomodation and dinner specific to the region. In Oravita - Caras Hotel ***.
             Day 2: Breakfast,then visit of the Pharmacy Museum and of the Old Theater in Oravita. You go to Bazias, the place where the Danube enters Romania. On the route you can visit Serbian churches and monasteries. Lunch based on fish meals at Cabana Apus de Soare(Sunset Chalet). Accommodation at Pojejena. Dinner and artistic program with Serbian flavour.
             Day 3: Cruise from Moldova Noua to Orşova ,with a panoramic tour around Cazane region and Dacian-Roman vestiges. When tourists are on board  they are being offered a glass of plum brandy and during the cruise, surrounded by magnificent landscapes,they would enjoy a continental buffet based on culinary art from Banat. From Orşova they  will be leaving for Baile Herculane . Accommodation at Roman Hotel ** and dinner at Hercules brewery.
             Day 4: After breakfast visits to Baile Herculane spa and the surroundings. After lunch optional massage, swimming pool,trips or free program.
             Day 5: Breakfast after which you leave for Valea Almajului (Almaj Valley) where among other things one can also visit The Mulinologic center from Rudăria (unique in the world).Social traditional meeting(sezatoare) and visits to the arts school in Prigor. Traditional dinner with folklore program. In the evening accommodation in Baile Herculane. 
             Day 6: Departure to Rusca Montana with the visit of Tourism Monument(unique in the  world) and the marble quarry,the village Museum of Băuţari where traditional lunch will be served. After 6.00 p.m. departure to Caransebes and accommodation at Armando Hotel ***. Traditional specific dinner and folklore music program from Banat.
             Day 7: Visiting the center of Caransebeş the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, the Roman Camp from Jupa. Departure to Resita where we will visit the Museum of Mountain Banat ,The Locomotives Museum ,The Cultural Palace (1933), the Hydro electric central in Grebla (1906). After that,returning home.

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