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Saturday, 20 December 2008 12:26

Banat Mountains - Cheile Nerei – the legend
      It is said that long time ago, when  the sun met the moon every day , and the stars were so close that you could   pick them with your  hand, a proud,stately and very strong lad lived in the woods from here. Being a skilled hunter, like there was no one else, he would shoot the hen hawk from its flight and the hind from its running. One day during his hunting ,right  in the middle of the forest, he found  an amazing girl like he had no longer seen before and he was very much surprised at the girl’s courage to walk in the forest, where was the home of the wild beasts  , but he scared even  more the following days when, meeting her, he felt his  heart beating so strongly as if was about to get out of his chest.And so, not long after, only the forest was the witness of their pure love ,since the girl also  fell in love with him from the first moment. The father of the girl, the owner of these places,noticing that his child would spend most of her time in the middle of the forest for some spies to follow her,and when he found out about the love between the girl and the woodman,angrily he sent the posse to bring the lad in chains,since his only daughter was wooed by the boyars,who came with an escort in order to propose her,and the girl refused them because she was in love with a simple and poor lad. Cruel-hearted, he thought that once imprisoned, the girl child would forget her pure love, and would choose as her groom one of the noble gentlemen who paid attention to her. The requests or the girl’s crying could not make him change his mind, even worse, the lad was thrown into a cave,with an walled entry in the heart of the mountain . And in the evening of the wedding, when a blade of wind from the mountain  brought with it a sorrowful calling of the locked lad, with tears and wailing the child prayed for help, to the good fairy.At her  sorrowful requests ,and  seeing how great her love was,the good Fairy turned her into  a strand of crystal water in order to glide from stone to stone in the heart of the mountain, and the girl began to seek for her lover and to help him by swirling the stone prison. Years have passed   and Nerganiţa with her everlasting love for him,passed through the big mountain,got into the deepest corners until the only thing that she could see was the large field. And understanding there was no way back, she was walking,carrying her love story and as a witness of her love remained the gorges that cut the mountain, the  caves that covered the wall, the, crystalline lakes gathered in shed tears . Once you arrive in Cheile Nerei (because this is their legend) you walk in the  intoxicating scent of wild lilac and in the wild and mysterious murmur of impenetrable forests. 
      The legend of Lacul Dracului, about which the legend says that the devil itself threw in the lake, after he had lost a bet with a smart old man who grazed his  goats  near the water. It is said that a shepherd grazed his goats  on the meadow near Lacul Dracului ,at a certain moment,a small creature,the devil appeared and asked the Shepard to fry fish without folding it .The Shepard accepted, on providing  the devil would roast a goat's head without grinning. He  accepted,therefore the Shepard  took the fish, stuck a stick in it and fried it without  folding it. The devil took a goat’s head, tied it, but when he started  frying, the billy goat ‘s head showed its teeth. Mad with raged, the devil threw into the lake. The lake has an impressive greenish-blue color.Local people claim that the legend says the lake has no bottom, it has many underground tunnels. Moreover, they say that many of those who go to bathe in the blue-green water do not come back again. 
      "The Legend of Ochiul Beiului Lake," speaks about a Turkish bey who hid from his father,living through the forests of unbelievable beauty of  Cheile Nerei, a place where he found not only peace, hunting, but also the love for a beautiful Wallachian girl. "For they loved purely and greatly / When fresh stars were shining over the trees." But the old pasha, father of the bey is categorical :”I do not want a giaour to be my daughter in law",he  sends his hirelings "to mysteriously steal the young shepherdess “. The lake could have been formed by the tragic collapse of the two lovers, of the bey with his dead girlfriend on the rock, on the sorrowful rush to Istanbul.

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