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. Cheile Nerei-Beusnita mixed reservation is situated in the southern half of Anina Mountains of and on the northern extensions of the calcareous Gorganu peak, separated actually by the Anina Mountains and Locvei Mountains. At the Agency for Environmental Protection of Caras-Severin, this reservation has an area of 36,758 ha, which includes: the gorges,with a length of 20 km,the basin of Valea Rea  and the river basin of Bei-Beusnita all these forming a large ecosystem of great scientific and landscape value.
       The statistics existing at the Romanian Waters Authority,shows that, until the entrance of the gorges ,in Sopotu Nou ,upstream  the confluence with the Camenita river,the Nera River has a length of 58 km. When the gorges finish at Sasca Romana, upstream of the confluence with Valea Susara,the Nera river reaches 83 km in length. That would be, no more than 25 km for the gorges.
        Because of its unique natural beauty due to the spectacular karst formations,the Nera river crosses the steep walls, alternating with wide clearings. In addition to this,we find rare and very old species of plants and animals, which is why this region has become interesting for  scientists since the years 1930 and 1943. Moreover, the Official Council of Ministers no.965/1943 and H.C.M. 518/1954, was firstly decreed Beusnita scientific reservation. Subsequently,the Council Decision number 556/1973 of the County Council of Caras-Severin ,the area of the reservation was enlarged  with the area situated between Cheile Nerei and Valea Rea.It is regulated by the 7 / 1990 and 43/1990 Orders,of the Ministry of Environment ,the status of the reservation as being part of the national park with the same name.By Decision no.8/1994 of the County Council of Caras - Severin ,there are established responsibilities for the administration of the reservation and for observing the  conservation of biodiversity. This last decision of the county councils is in compliance with Order no. 7/27.01.1990. This is how Cheile Nerei National Park, consisting of Cheile Nerei-Beusnita, Valea Ciclova-Ilidia , Cheile  Susara(Susara gorges), Bigăr, Liciovacea, Ducin,has been created .
 For their beauty and their scientific value, the  forests,situated at an altitude of 200-1000 m, the karst formations and the many unique species of great value, living in this area with a temperate continental climate with Mediterranean influences, must be protected and preserved intact as a corner of a virgin nature , by the  concerted effort of government authorities and local public government imposing the awareness of each guest who arrives in this paradise.Cheile Nerei National Park is among the 13 parks  in the country, and Cheile Nerei-Beusnita Reservation , among the 34 natural reservations.
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